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Labor Market & Salaries

Employment Outlook Statistics - Find out which jobs are in demand or in decline. Get reports at the local, state, and national level.

Salary and Negotiation Skills - Find out how much you can expect to be paid in your field of interest on the national and state levels and learn how to negotiate for a viable salary.

Labor Market Information


  • California Wages by Area and Occupation California Wages by Area and Occupation
    Scroll down to San Francisco County and click on "Excel" under most recent quarter. Once you are in the excel workshop, perform a "find" search within the document by holding down "Ctrl + F" then type the job title you are interested in finding.
  • Wages by Area and Occupation Wages by Area and Occupation
    Bureau of Labor Statistics wage data are available by occupation for the Nation, regions, States, and many metropolitan areas.
  • Glassdoor Glassdoor
    Glassdoor gives an inside look at jobs, salaries, company reviews, & interview questions.

Salary Negotiation